Family Constellation with Feride Gursoy - Söndag 19/5 kl.10.00-17.00

Söndag 19 Maj 2019 10:00 - 17:00


Family Constellation is a systemic therapy modality where the individual is regarded as part of a greater family system. It is a unique method that brings to light the hidden loyalties within our family systems, traumas that shape our families and the unconscious family dynamics that shape us.

In this workshop my aim is to briefly introduce the basic principles of family constellation through mini constellations and exercises. When we face our family tree within a group setting, the hidden dynamics of our family inheritance surface and we become more aware of  the unconscious drives that really guide our lives. Sometimes this simple understanding suffices to shift our perception of truth and can bring deep healing. 


I believe the most important contribution of constellation work to Western modalities is that real freedom comes from a deep understanding and acceptance of our interdependence and our limitations as individuals.

Everyone who feels stuck in a repetitive behavioural pattern that doesn't serve them or are simply interested in a deeper understanding of the Self and of the workings of the unconscious can benefit from this workshop.


Lärare: Feride Gursoy

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 Feride Gursoy has completed her trainings in Family Constellation and Zen Counselling with Svagito Liebermeister between 2001-2006 and she translated his book on Family Constellation, ‘The Roots of Love’ to Turkish. She has been working as a family constellation therapist since 2009.  She continued further training on Systemic Constellations with Mehmet Zararsizoğlu in Hellinger Institute, Istanbul between 2010-2013 and attended seminars with Bert Hellinger, ethnic constellation work with Albrecht Mahr and health constellation work with Stephan Hausner on different occasions. To expand her skills as a therapist she completed a 3 year training in Trauma Healing (Somatic Experiencing) in 2016, Integral Somatic Psychology with Raja Selvam in 2017 and she continues her trainings with Ale Duarte on Trauma Work for Children and with Daan Van Kampenhout on Systemic Rituals. Following her interest in health and nutrition she studied herbalism at the Australasian College of Health Sciences and graduated as a MasterHerbalist in 2007. She was trained as a health coach at High energy Academy in 2011. She completed her studies in Holistic Nutrition Lab and became a certified Functional Nutritionist. She also works as a health coach and leads detox programs.


Pris: 850 kr för dig som vill ställa upp din egen familjekonstellation (skriv i meddelanderutan om du önskar detta)

        350 kr för dig som vill vara med bara som deltagare   (även vid denna innebär det att du kan delta i någon annans familjekonstellation och då delta aktivt - många gånger får vi insikter om vår egen konstellation även då)                           

Plats : Yogainstitutet, Sveagatan 14, 652 22 Karlstad (snett emot Herrhagskyrkan)
Kontakt : Birgitta Hedman, birgitta@yogainstitutet.nu


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