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kri tt level 2 logoLevel 2 "Lifestyle & Lifecycles" - Sada Sat Kaur & Dharma Singh

11-16 January 2019

Level Two is open to KRI Level One Certified Instructors, but also to whom that may be interested. You should have some Kundaliniyoga experience to attend the course but will only get a diploma when you have your KRI Level One Certification.

For KRI Level One Instructors this 300-hour/2-year certification program consists of five 62-hour modules and fulfills the Yoga Alliance 500-hour requirement. Graduates of Level Two earn the title of Certified Practitioner of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan®.

Before your Level One certification you thirsted for a deeper understanding of the yoga. In Level Two you acknowledge on a heart level that it is no longer sufficient for you to just have the skills and fulfill the basic duties of an instructor. To reach the next level means assessing where you are in your commitment to authenticity, and offering yourself up to transformation. This has never been a solo journey, and Level Two is no exception.

Throughout your 2-year commitment (this is the minimal time), you will attend teaching events featuring lectures from Yogiji on five interconnected themes. Before, after, and during the events, you will connect with your global course community and a personal mentor to refine your ability to reflect, to be aware, and to be consciously conscious of what you are learning.

There are 5 modules in Level 2:


- Vitality and Stress

- Conscious Communication

- Authentic Relationship

- Lifestyles & Lifecycles

- Mind & Meditation


Previous Level 2 at Yogainstitutet:

2015 "Conscious Communication". 

2016  "Authentic Relationships"

2017 "Mind & Meditation"

2018 "Vitality & Stress"


"Lifestyle & Lifecycle" 11-16 January 2019 

The Yogic Traditions teaches us that from the time of our birth to our passing, we go through significant cycles of change every 7, 11 and 18 years. 

Learn what these cycles are, how they affect us and how to optimize these changes through a healthy proactive yogic lifestyle. 

For six glorious days, through meditation, kriya, group work and powerful video classes you will learn how these cycles affect us and how to optimize these changes throughout your life for a proactive yogic lifestyle. 

In this course you will develop the tools to understand the journey of life and how to live in awarness of who you are and what is best for you in each stage.

This course is presented in interactive learning environments. You will explore topics and discuss them with other students in both small and large groups. You will have the opportunity to practice meditations deeply oven an extended time. You will test and observe the application of these techniques and attitudes in your life. This course prepares you to advance toward Kundalini Yoga Teacher Level 2 certification as offered by the Kundalini Research Institute (KRI).


Teachers: Sada Sat Kaur and Dharma Singh will be the lead trainers.    ssk playing harmonium

Price: Early-bird (if you register before 30th of November) 8 300 SEK. After 30 of November the price will be 8 900 SEK Books and DVD´s are included in the price. You will register by paying 1 000 SEK to bg 5447-4333. The rest will be paid 9th of December.

Possibilities to stay overnight at Yogainstitutet, a simple accomodation in the yogaroom, 100 kr/night. You bring your own sleeping-things. Otherwise there are bed-and-breakfast, AirBnB´s and hotels in the surroundings.

For information and registration contact Birgitta Hedman birgitta@yogainstitutet.nu or 070 - 23 77 894

I need your name, adress, phonenumber, e-mail and your date of birth.


dharma singh



Några kommentarer från tidigare Level 2 på Yogainstitutet:

Lokalen: Härlig lokal med fina energier och varm miljö. Bra med två toaletter. Generöst att bli bjuden på frukt varje dag. Härligt att kunna sitta på stol vid bordet i köket och äta lunchen. 
Maten: Helt fantastisk, vilken lyx att få sätta sig och äta denna goda och härliga lunch, Toppen.
Kursen och kursledarna: Bra kursledare, fint med mixen man och kvinna, blir en väldigt bra balans i energier och annan input. Kursledarnas erfarenhet från Yogi Bahjan ”tiden” och deras härliga sätt att förmedla kunskap är toppen.
Staben (du och dina medhjälpare): Härligt bemötande, öppet, generöst, humoristiskt och prestigelöst. Jag uppskattar er alla väldigt mycket. Skapar ”mer”känsla.


  • Tack för en härlig kurs med fantastiska lärare. God frukost och bra lunch. Stor grupp med bra energi.
    - Kerstin Nilsson
  • Återigen en toppenutbildning på Yogainstitutet. Det är så fantastiskt att komma in i lokalen och känna den generositet, kärlek och gläds som präglar både ledare och lokal. Jag kommer tillbaka, var så säker på det. Kramar från Maivor
    - Maivor Löfgren
  • Tusen tack för att du/ni anordnar så fantastiskt bra utbildningar med bra lärare - hej er! Jag är väldigt tacksam för denna Level 2!!!
    - Maria M
  • Hadde noen fantastiske dager som løste opp mye i meg. Kommet hjem igjen med ny tro på livet!
    - Trude
  • Hjärtligt tack för den här fantastiska veckan. Det var en på ALLA SÄTT PERFEKT avrundning av level 2 modulerna. Tack för möjligheten att få vara kvar i lokalen, jag uppskattade det enormt mycket! Jag är tacksam för alla möten, all kunskap!
    - Ildikó