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Paul Vishal

I started my adult life with Self-inquiry.

First I have been looking for myself as an artist, writer and musician. I also did theater and storytelling. On this way of personal development I found books about eastern philosophy, especially hindu mystics. My heart started to burn with passion and then I immersed myself into the meditation practice.
I tried all the techniques I could find, first sitting all days long on my chair, and thereafter I was able to continue my spiritual practices in all situations of daily life.

I managed to empty my mind from thoughts, and to enjoy the pure presence of my consciousness. As given fruits from sadhana (spiritual practices) came siddhis (Yogic abilities) and blissful openings. These experiences showed me that we are a lot more than what we learn in our culture, and this is what I like to share with passion since then.

A serie of synchronicities guided me to Reiki. I did the first level and I started to receive clear information to help the receiver.
My channeling journey started then, I became a Reiki Master both in France and India and developed my channeling abilities.

Today I am based in Oslo where I develop a healing center and do distant online Soul-Reading/Healing, I am also a traveler by heart and give individual sessions and workshops wherever Life is calling me.

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