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Movements of grace with Adarsh Kaur 1-day Training course 1 oct 09.00-18.00

Movements of Grace: Experience Your Divine Essence
Celestial Communication 1-day Training Course

Join us for a day to deeply relax and rejuvenate with sacred sound current, sacred movement, and sacred company. Slow down to experience divine presence, awaken your creativity, and author the story of your soul that only you can create through your uniquely expressed movements.

Internationally-recognized teacher Adarsh Kaur from Los Angeles will share a 1-day Movements of Grace training, her original course in Celestial Communication, based on her 22 years of study, practice, creation and teaching of Celestial Communication.

In this training, you will learn, in-depth, the components of Celestial Communication: from vibration to movement, from listening to expressing, from the benefits and effects to the subtle anatomy. In addition to this hands-on knowledge, you will also be guided through powerful moving meditation experiences.

By the end of this course, you will be prepared to:
Implement a daily Celestial Communication practice
Create your own Celestial Communications
Teach and share Celestial Communication with others

Movements of Grace is for you if you would like to:
Soothe your nervous system with a grounded and gentle practice
Nurture and develop your creativity
Listen and act more on your soul’s voice and calling
Experience a deeper connection with the divine and grace
Expand your teaching practice to include this meditative art

You will experience for yourself how Celestial Communication movements can heal, uplift, and put you in touch with the Joy and Trust of your soul.
You may attend the course in-person at the studio, or online.
There will be a 1.5 lunch break, with soup served, and time to go for a walk.
Included with the training is a 40-page course workbook, both printed and as electronically as a PDF . With full participation in the training, you will also receive a certificate of completion.

About your course creator & facilitator Adarsh:
Adarsh’s first loves were music and dance, which she studied from the age of three. These were her most original expressions of the divine, of creativity and a way to connect to the soul. In 1999, she expanded into a dedicated study of yoga, meditation, human consciousness and healing. Adarsh soon became a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a creator and teacher of Celestial Communication, for which she is most known. She shares these practices with an emphasis on self-love, receptivity and grace, in her hometown of Los Angeles and internationally.
Adarsh has a B.A. in Anthropology and English, and has worked in business as a Human Resources Manager, Marketing and Sales Director, and as the CEO and Director of a Yoga Studio. She is a Trainer of teachers in Kundalini Yoga & meditation, and she serves the evolution of individuals through one-on-one Spiritual Mentorship. Adarsh feels a sacred duty to share her experience and knowledge to support others in their own spiritual quest.

What people are saying:

“Practicing Celestial Communication daily has awakened my feminine flow and opened my heart.” ~ Harisant Johanna Cederstam, Sweden

“Celestial Communication with Adarsh has deepened my connection to the true and pure energies within me. It has given those parts of me without words a voice to be expressed.  Thanks to Adarsh’s Movements of Grace training I can facilitate Celestial Communication with passion and confidence.  Her wisdom, unconditional support and uplifting energy is consistently an invitation for my creativity to soar.” ~  Michele Quesenberry, United States

“I have to tell you how grateful I am for the beautiful time spent doing the Celestial Communication course. I am now using very simple movements with special needs clients and just created my first Celestial Communication to use in a regular Kundalini class. Thank you for the inspiration and education!!!” ~ Yael Sunshine, United States

“Adarsh has awoken some beautiful things in me…firstly Grace in the body. I used to feel I was rather clumpy, but not anymore. Also it took about a year but I opened to the purity, virtue and humbleness that Adarsh expresses just so naturally. I realised I have that too if I can open myself to experience it and drop the bad girl defences I’ve used since I was a young child. This is a priceless gift, somebody who in such a quiet way helped me find my way home to the goodness of me, the goodness I know to be at the core of every human being.” ~ Alison McCabe, United Kingdom


On the 7th of October Adarsh will hold an online short workshop on Celestial communication that is for free. If you want to join and learn a bit more about who is Adarsh and what she will teach You can join that short workshop for free from here.


Feed-back från tidigare kursdeltagare

Vitalie 31 mars, 2023

Jag är en Kundaliniyoga-student och jag kan inte nog rekommendera denna kurs. Det har varit en helt livsförändrande upplevelse för mig.

Genom Kundaliniyoga har jag upptäckt en helt ny dimension av självkännedom och självförverkligande. Kursen har gett mig verktyg för att hantera stress och ångest, ökat mitt fokus och min koncentration, och hjälpt mig att hitta en inre frid och balans som jag tidigare bara drömt om.

Lärarna har varit fantastiska och har verkligen inspirerat mig att fortsätta på min yogaresa. Jag känner mig tacksam för allt jag har lärt mig och för alla nya insikter som jag har fått genom denna kurs.

Om du är intresserad av att utforska Kundaliniyoga och hitta ditt inre lugn och välbefinnande, så kan jag verkligen rekommendera denna kurs. Det kommer att förändra ditt liv på sätt du aldrig trodde var möjliga.

01 oktober
lördag kl. 09:00 - 18:00

Kurstid och pris

  • Kursstart:
    1 oktober kl. 09:00
  • Cost:
    1650kr early-bird before 15 of sep, after that the price is 1850 SEK
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Adarsh Kaur



Sveagatan 14
Karlstad, Karlstad 652 22 Sverige

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Feed-back från tidigare kursdeltagare

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