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Shamanic Energy Medicine with Ceremonial Cacao, with Denice, lördag 24 februari 18.00-20.00

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Language: Swedish or English, depending on the need.

Heart intelligence, did you know your heart has neurons like your brain and your gut? Ceremonial
cacao, Mama Cacao, Theobroma Cacao has supported humanity since the beginning of time in
connecting and open to their hearts intelligence. She is a heart medicine, a symbol of abundance
and fertility – her name is “The Food of the Gods”.
In this ceremony we welcome her spirit, her grounding and heart opening properties so together
we can create a space of safety, care, and tenderness – a space where all pieces of you are
In the second part of the ceremony we dive deep into the landscapes of our soul and the
underworld, our unconsciousness. Lying down you will be working with the breath; is there
something you need to see or feel? Something old that needs to be honored for you to fully step
into the new?
These ceremonies are never the same, they support you in transforming the old, the heavy, the
limiting beliefs you have about what is possible into new, creative life-affirming energy. They
welcome you to personal healing as well as to take your dreams of this life to a new level of
fulfillment, meaning and purpose.


● Physical disease
● Emotional problems
● Stress, Conflict
● Feeling of getting stuck in situations
● Loss of life force
● Repeated teams that keep showing up, not serving you.

Denice’s first encounter with shamans was in Mexico, back in 2016. This launched her and her
curiosity into a world she’s kept exploring ever since. Over the years she’s spent much of her
time in Central America attending ceremonial work, energy medicine and other medicine’s that
have formed and supported her on her own journey. Today she is a mentor, ceremonialist and
visionary inspiring and supporting others to live and create from their heart.

You don’t need any prior experience with neither ceremonial cacao nor energy medicine.
Ceremonial Cacao is a natural antidepressant, if you are taking SSRI medication it is
recommended to drink less or avoid it completely as it can lead to migraines. Ceremonial Cacao
has liquid propellent properties similar to coffee so to drink a lot of water after the ceremony is
recommended. To use the element of water after the ceremony to cleanse can be very powerful,
to have an intentional shower after can support you further.

● Water Bottle
● Comfortable clothes
● If you wish to put something on the altar (This is for you to bring with you home
afterwards. Something that will symbolize the new – trust your intuition – there is no right
or wrong here; maybe a crystal, a flower, a poem, or any other symbol that resonates with

24 februari
lördag kl. 18:00 - 20:00

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    24 februari kl. 18:00
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Denice Donborn



Sveagatan 14
Karlstad, Karlstad 652 22 Sverige

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